graphicFrom the first discussions with Pearson to the publication of Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, we committed two and a half years to writing, editing, reviewing and working example problems. One of our main goals was to make the textbook as easy to use as possible.

In the process of updating the history match problem in the final chapter of the textbook, we realized that we needed to make the excel sheets for the example problems available for use. While the textbook contains everything needed to reconstruct the history matching problem, it would still take the average reader many hours to reconstruct the excel file by hand.

As we continued working on the book, and as Dr. Terry prepared to retire from Brigham Young University, we decided to provide our readers with another valuable tool. We are pleased to announce that our next project is to film Dr. Terry’s lectures on Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering and make them available as an online course.

Please check out the many articles that have been written to answer questions on reservoir engineering. Several posts are direct answers to reader’s questions.

We look forward to hearing from the visitors of this website and are happy to answer questions related to the content of the book and provide any additional resources that would be helpful to our readers.